Who Is Jilson?

Jilson’s is named in honor of my father Jilson Fielden, who was part of an era gone by that has now become know as “the greatest generation.” While this largely speaks to the allied efforts in World War II, it also depicts a period when men wore hats, everyone dressed to the nines, big band music filled dance halls, friends enjoyed the simple pleasure of a picnic, and there was a deep sense of country and community.

Times certainly have changed, but elements such as quality and style have not. Through the decades, it has become more and more important to find value for one’s dollar. Hence, the time has come for a men’s consignment experience like Jilson’s in Charlotte, NC.

I learned quite a bit from my father, but one thing has stuck with me since I was young; you can get far more bang for your buck if you knew where to find a good deal. He would often say, “Son, you’ve got champagne tastes and a Coca-Cola wallet.” No matter the size of your wallet, Jilson’s men’s consignment just makes good sense! Find out what makes us different when it comes to men’s consignment in Charlotte.